Lori Martindale, PhD

Lori Martindale, PhD Magna Cum Laude, The European Graduate School in Switzerland. Dr. Avital Ronell (New York University & Jacques Derrida Chair at The European Graduate School) served on her dissertation committee. Lori writes about Literary studies, critical theory, continental philosophy, and the Arts.

Lori’s recent book The Little Book of Daesthetics: A Fragmented Dictionary (2022) explores the significance of lacunae found in fragments of poetry, painting, music, and related arts, such as Vanitas arts.

Her first book On Leaving: Poetry, Daesthetics, Timelessness digs into sites of Poetry, post-modern theory, etymology, aporias, undecidables, literary scenes, and poetic intervals in language. On Leaving is on topics of timelessness, finitude, and literature.

Interests: Critical Theory, Continental Philosophy, World Literature, Hélène Cixous, Jacques Derrida, Avital Ronell’s writings, Franz Kafka, Romantic era to Modern Poetry and theory, Pre-Modern to Post-Modern Literature and theory, Contemporary Comparative World Literature, British Literature, American Literary Studies; the modernists; Writing, Folklore; Wonder Tales; Magical Realism; Global Film Studies; the Gothic; the Monstrous; Gender Studies.

Lori is currently working on a new book of poetry.

In 2011, as a research fellow at The University of Bristol, England, she worked on chapters of her dissertation on modern poetry, and was awarded an honorary certificate for a seminar from Dr. Luce Irigaray for her work on poetry. Lori was one of ten doctoral students from around the world to participate in the fellowship seminar with Dr. Irigaray, supported by The University of Bristol College of Humanities, Oxford University, and West London University. Lori was also a Research Fellow at EGS where she studied critical theory, literary arts, and cinema.

Currently, Dr. Lori Martindale teaches Literature and Writing, Honors, and Gender and Sexuality Studies (United States).

Education: The European Graduate School (Switzerland), The University of Bristol (England), and Western Washington University (US).

The Little Book and On Leaving are published by Atropos Press.  Now at the bookstore Better Read than Dead in Newtown, Sydney, Australia.

Recent Publications


Martindale, Lori. The Little Book of Daesthetics, A Fragmented Dictionary. New York/Dresden Atropos Press 2022.

Martindale, Lori On Leaving: Poetry, …. New York: Atropos Press. 2014.

Recent Articles:


“Futurity” 2022

Poetics of …

Lori Martindale “Working with Luce Irigaray” 2013 on Irigaray’s website.

Lori Martindale, “On Paul DeNicola’s Literature as Pure Mediality: Kafka and the Scene of Writing

Lori Martindale, on Bruce Nauman’s Topological Gardens at the La Biennale di Venezia

Contact information: lori.martindale@egs.edu

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