Author Biography Information for Lori Martindale

Lori Martindale, PhD Magna Cum Laude from The European Graduate School in Switzerland.  Avital Ronell (Jacques Derrida Chair) served on her dissertation committee.  Lori is currently a post-doctoral research fellow in continental philosophy at The European Graduate School.  Her work examines and contributes to the fields of literary studies and continental philosophy.  Keeping with questions, On Leaving: Poetry Daesthetics, Timelessness digs deeply into sites of etymology, literary scenes, and poetic intervals.  Her deconstructive work deals with timelessness, finitude, etymologies, philosophy, poetry, and literature.

Interests: Critical Theory, Continental Philosophy, Existentialism, Jacques Derrida and Deconstruction, Avital Ronell, Franz Kafka, Romantic to Modern Poetry, Ancient to Contemporary Comparative World Literature, British Literature, American Literary Studies, including specialization in Gothic Romanticism, the modernists; Writing about literature.  Notable ideas in Leaving: Poetry, Daesthetics, Timelessness: Etymologies of Leaving, Daesthetics, deconstruction of timelessness, poetic language, ontologies of leaving.

In 2011, as a research fellow at The University of Bristol, England, she worked on chapters of her dissertation on modern poetry, and was awarded an honorary certificate for a seminar from Dr. Luce Irigaray for her work on poetry.  Lori was one of ten doctoral students chosen from around the world to participate in the fellowship seminar with Dr. Irigaray.

Currently, Dr. Lori Martindale is a Literature and Writing Instructor in WA (United States), and a Research Fellow in Poetry and Philosophy at The European Graduate School.

Education: The European Graduate School (Switzerland), The University of Bristol (England), and Western Washington University (US).